Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eurogamer Expo 2011

All the huge gaming and technology expo's, E3, Comic Con, PAX, CES. What's the trend here? They are all in the US, and I and many people like me who live in the UK have no chance of getting to ANY of these.

But, hope is not lost as we DO have Eurogamer! Although it is not as globally known as prestigious expo's such as E3, were Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony battle it out to have the best conference, Eurogamer still gives you a chance to play some upcoming games that aren't released (Including Battlefield 3!!!), go to some conferences or get some advice on careers in the gaming industry while still being able to stay in the UK!

Eurogamer 2011 takes place in London Earls Court between the 22nd - 25th of September and it's going to be awesome (My first gaming expo)

I Plan to post some videos documenting me and my friend's day and, hopefully we can get press passes!

For more information on times and ticket prices please visit:

Post by InGameProductionz (George Hall and Ollie Mahoney)


  1. E3 is pretty much garbage now, I enjoy the smaller conventions a bit more now, then I just watch the big E3 releases on Youtube :p

  2. I think it's the announcements that gives it so much reputation.

  3. Yeah, it's pretty much the hub of major releases unfortunately.

  4. Why haven't I heard of this before?