Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bulletstorm Review

Bulletstorm, a game which comes from the creators of the best selling franchise, Gears of War, 'Epic Games' and 'People Can Fly' adds a twist to the regular, generic first person shooter genre.

Unlike most first person shooters on the market Bulletstorm's story does not take itself too seriously, and that is what the developers set out to do, and the game delivers a funny story with some black humour while still keeping an intense pace, just as call of duty or halo.

The gameplay is also very fun and there is barely any boring moments in the game as you progressively unlock new ways to kill enemies, the mechanics are all about killing enemies in outrageous ways like kicking them onto a spiked wall or pulling enemies towards you before pulling of a kill, and the more outrageous your kill the more skill points you will earn, allowing you to purchase gun or ammo upgrades.