Sunday, 18 March 2012

Why fans have the right to be angry at Mass Effect 3 Ending **SPOILERS**


While playing through Mass Effect 3 I heard a lot of controversy over the game having a bad/dissapointing ending, though I didn't want to hear anything about it, rather find out for myself.

First of all, I'm going to say that Mass Effect 3 is an epic game, for both new and veteran fans of the franchise, however, it is obvious that the true veterans, the ones there from the start, care a lot about the story of this franchise, one that Bioware has so cleverly crafted in the first two installations of the game.

And Mass Effect 3 is no different, until the end.

It seems to me, at least, that no matter what choices anyone makes throughout the entire trilogy, it only boils down into three endings, yeah three, and the three endings, are barely different, in fact, a colourblind person wouldn't be able to tell them apart! (You would know what I mean)

In a game which promises players a substantial impact to the story with each choice, each decision, the fact that this boils down to pretty much 1 ending surprises me.

In fact, so many people are astounded that they are willing to raise money for Bioware to give players another ending, and it's for a good cause, with all proceeds going to the charity 'Childs play'.

But, is it really acceptable to demand a new ending? - I think, although angry at bioware, it would weaken their image further, for them to give in, however, an extension to the ending would be a better idea in my mind.

Was investing so much time in the Mass Effect series, really worth this ending?

With day one DLC and now this... Bioware/EA is getting A LOT of bad PR, is it really worth it?

Article by George Hall

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Win An Awesome Mass Effect Themed Xbox 360 Console

Fancy getting your hands on a fancy Paragon or Renegade xbox console?
Well now is the time to choose your side as the new Mass Effect Facebook app allows you to pick a side and be entered into winning a Paragon or Renegade themed console.

Upon picking your side you will also receive a t-shirt depending on which side you picked and as an addition a cool looking Commander Shepard shirt if you share with 5 friends!

Get sharing!

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- Ollie Mahoney

Thursday, 1 March 2012

General Update

From now on, myself and Ollie will be trying our very best to update the blog at least twice a week, whether that be a game or film review, general gaming news, recommendations, video tutorials or game unboxings (only collectors editions or consoles).

After a long break we'd really like to start blogging again and hope you enjoy reading our posts and opinions.

Somethings planned coming soon;
Mass Effect 3 N7 Collectors Edition Unboxing
Mass Effect 3 Impressions
Mass Effect 3 Review
Eurogamer 2012 Preview

Article by George Hall

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Game Over For UK Retailer GAME?

Today, customers of Game and Gamestation who have pre-ordered their copies of Mass Effect 3, were told that Game, the company, would be unable to fulfil their pre-orders, this being, the first and one of the truly big releases this year, it's going to hit Game pretty hard.

As Game were pretty much the only seller of the Mass Effect 3 collectors edition, these copies that were revoked are now available to buy from;

However, this does not just apply to Mass Effect 3, but maybe even ALL EA games released after SSX, and EA owns more than pretty big titles,  with the likes of Battlefield, and their renowned sports games such as FIFA.

Game are refunding any deposits and giving £5 gift vouchers out of goodwill to customers whose copies were cancelled.

Needless to say, I'm feel very sorry for Game, a company already in financial issues being abandoned by a publisher like EA, bad times are ahead, I hope somehow they do pull through however, being pretty much the only widespread retail game shop in the UK.

However Game is not alone, HMV is also slowly dying, as people no longer buy music on discs as much as they used to, they are now downloaded digitally, and lets be honest, most of the time, illegally.
And this is similar to game as people purchase their copies on sites such as Play and Amazon.

Is it GAME over? We'll have to wait and see

Article by George Hall

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Black Ops Rezzurection Map Pack Announced

The fourth, and most likely final map pack for call of duty black ops has recently been announced, and this time, they're going all out zombies, bringing the four classic maps from world at war (Which I, myself would consider the best) for the people who did not buy hardened or prestige.

The new map pack will also contain a new map entitled 'Moon', which suprisingly, is set on the moon. This should be very interesting to see!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

LA Noire First Impressions

All I can say is wow.

Although the game starts of fairly slow, pace does pick up fast once you are past the tutorial cases and you are free to carry out cases at your own will, It's not a fast paced game at all, it requires thinking, and thats what I like, It's similar to the Phoenix Wright series, you need to be able to detect contradictions, lies and truths.
   Team Bondi and Rockstar have made an unusual approach, using a new way to record facial animation, many cameras are used around an actors face to produce an exact replica in the game world, you're use of psychology is put to the test as you watch carefully peoples reactions to your questions to detect if they are lying - just like in real interrogations.

   It's definitely a unique game, do not be mistaken by comparing it to Grand Theft Auto or the recent 'Red Dead Redemption, there is shooting in the game, but it does not occur often (And you can't massacre people on the streets!)

I love it so far, and I can't wait to get back to it!