Friday, 18 March 2011

Homefront Review

Homefront, the new first person shooter taking on the ranks of Call of Duty and Battlefield, but does it match up? Perhaps.

Homefront is placed in the near future, America has been occupied by a 'United' Korean Empire and you are placed within an uprising of survivors, the story is quite original, however there is little 'personal' interaction or character, as there is in Call of Duty or Bad Company.

The graphics are definitely outdated by many current and upcoming games, however this does not stop the sounds from being great.

Overall, the story is good, but it ends abruptly (You'll see)

The multiplayer is what makes this games, large maps that never feel the same, and a wide range of vehicle and weapon unlocks as you progress with xp.



  1. I'm really interested in the story, but otherwise it looks ok I suppose. Kinda looks like just another CoD.